Look behind the scenes of conference organization and become part of the fantastic #bbuzz – team!

Ever wondered what it takes to make a conference happen? Keen to look behind the scenes of Berlin Buzzwords and get free acess to the conference? Dreamed of helping the community and make a non-code contribution without missing all the fun?

Great, you‘re a perfect candidate to be a volunteer at Berlin Buzzwords 2020!

As a volunteer you will help us onsite to make Berlin Buzzwords a success. We ask you to become part of the team for eight hours and the rest of the time of the three conferences is all for yourself because you get a full conference pass and all access to the stages. Plus, you will get one of those much sought-after Berlin Buzzwords t-shirts!

Sounds great! How can I join?

All you have to do is send us an email at: volunteer@berlinbuzzwords.de, stating your name and availability on one of the three days (June 7 -9, 2020).

The following shifts are available:


  • This invloves a lot of lifting and carrying stuff around
  • Shifts start early or end late both on Sunday for the build up and Tuesday after the conference to clear out the venue
  • No requirements other than physical health
  • Each shift usually is split up in two, i.e. four hours build-up and four for the break-down


  • A popular and highly responsible job during the conference at the registration desk as you are responsible to welcome the speakers, sponsors and attendees
  • You are the first impression they get of the conference so a friendly and polite attitude as well as good social skills are required
  • Advanced English skills a must
  • A plus to be quick in solving unexpected problems such as „Where can I find a pharmacy nearby“, „I have lost my wallet“,“I need assistance getting around“ etc
  • Runners are all over the venue, wherever needed (e.g. take a HDMI adaptor to the stages, help in the partner area, assist people getting around, help re-attach signs if necessary)

Stage Manager

  • You introduce the speakers and their talks on stage, this is a great chance to have a little chat with some of our amazing speakers before the talk begins
  • It is also a great opportunity to learn to speak in front of international audiences when you do the intro and outro announcements of speakers
  • A responsible job that requires some technical understanding of stage engineering such  as microphones and recording as you will be closley working wih our fab video team
  • Basic understanding of different laptops and interfaces as well as (sometimes) different presentation software is a plus


Get an idea of what volunteering at Berlin Buzzwords is like from our podcast interview with long term volunteer Thomas Bodner: