Umesh Dangat

I have 15 years of industry experience as a software developer most of it building distributed infrastructure to store and search data in realtime.

I lead the core search team at Yelp. During this time I have been instrumental in modernizing Yelp’s search infrastructure and moved it from a custom distributed lucene based ranking application to a generalized ranking application built on top of elasticsearch. I wrote a custom geocoder for Yelp to help mitigate reliance on third party geocoders. This systems now serves majority of the geocoding traffic at Yelp.

Lately I have been working on building a ranking platform at Yelp which enables multiple teams at Yelp to quickly deploy their machine learned models on elasticsearch for customized scoring.

I am an open source contributor for elasticsearch( and a collaborator on the learning to rank plugin (  for elasticsearch. I will be speaking at the Haystack search relevance conference ( in New York, April 2019.