Jaeik Lee

- Leading development of log collect/search/analysis platform used within Naver (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naver) - Main roles for this project are project management(scheduling, resource management, requirement analysis), architecting and design decision, development(indexer, elasticsearch related part and sdk), operation and system monitoring. - NELO2 is in-house log management system in Naver. It collect many different kinds of logs from various platforms like ios/android mobile crash logs, syslog, web application error logs, etc. Developing nelo2 have several technical challenges in terms of various platform support, big data processing. To handle this, we are depending on many open sources like apache kafka, elasticsearch, apache storm, redis, etc.  (http://www.cubrid.org/blog/dev-platform/our-experience-creating-large-scale-log-search-system-using-elasticsearch/) - Currently 7 nelo2 instances are running on about 360 servers and handling more than 2.7 billion logs per day.