Hagen Tönnies

Hagen was born in the 1980 in North Germany. Hagen received a Master of Systems science from the Bauhaus University in Weimar Germany in 2009. Hi main focus was on Information-Retrieval and Web-Technology. In 2005 Hagen co-founded Podcast Ready Inc where he gained first hand experiences with regard to Software development in Start-Ups.

In 2009 Hagen started to work for the Federal Statistical Office where he learned about the challenges of scaling Database-systems and the challenges of maintaining a clean codebase.

In from 2011 to 2016 Hagen has worked on various Teams to help deliver search applications for Germanys News publishing sites, where he gained experience in scaling search engines and build custom retrieval systems. Since 2016 Hagen works at Gaikai.Inc where his main focus is the resilient Data-Pipline to deliver the right data to the right place in the right time. Hagen enjoy's most of is free time with his kids and wife. Hagen is passionate about the book Gödel-Escher-Bach and he is a (lisp) fan and a Clojure enthusiast which is a JVM based (lisp).