Giovanni Fernandez-Kincade

Gio has been working with data, architecting systems, and leading teams of engineers for over a decade. He’s currently co-founder at Related Works, a problem-solving product studio and consultancy focused on the intersection of search, data, and human interaction. At Etsy he was a Staff Software Engineer that lead the Search Ranking Team, which was responsible for the effectiveness and fairness of Etsy’s core search algorithm, and previously lead the Search Experience Team which worked on the entire Search user experience. He's focused on Search from the ground up: infrastructure, ranking and machine-learned relevance, diversity, fairness, autosuggest, faceting, navigation, taxonomy, mobile, experimentation, etc. Prior to working at Etsy, Gio worked at CapitalIQ where he designed, built, and maintained a multi-terabyte database, real-time processing-system, and search engine for globally-sourced financial reports. On weekends and early weekday mornings you can find him surfing in sunny Rockaway Beach, NY.