Andrew Psaltis

Andrew Psaltis has a wealth of experience in software design, and in the construction of large-scale data-intensive systems. He has been involved in teaching since graduate school and over the last 20 years as a software professional has always been involved in some form of training, I think you would say I am a developers developer. He is deeply entrenched in streaming and IoT systems and obsessed with delivering insight at the speed of thought. As the author of Streaming Data  ( by Manning, an international speaker and trainer he spends most of his waking hours thinking about, writing about, and building streaming systems. Andrew regularly contributes to many open source projects, most recently those contributions have focused on Apache NiFi and MiNiFi. When he's not busy helping Hortonworks customers around the world solve hard streaming and IoT problems with Apache NiFi, MiNiFi, Kafka, Storm, Spark and the myriad of other tools, he's spending time with his lovely wife, two kids, watching as much Lacrosse as possible.