Aakash Sabharwal

Aakash is a Senior Data Scientist at Etsy. He studied Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon with a focus in Machine Learning & Distributed Systems. Aakash has always been passionate about machine learning & data problems with large scale. With his extensive body of work building & shipping data systems at different startup companies - Ooyala (acquired by Telstra), Platfora (acquired by Workday), Quantifind & finally Blackbird (acquired by Etsy!) he has a lot of experience working at the intersection of Distributed Systems, Search & Machine learning.

At Blackbird he worked on the Indexing pipeline for Search Backend before finding his way onto the real time query pipeline. His work at Blackbird gave birth to the project Merlin Mixer at Etsy (after the acquisition) which is the real time search query system that powers all of Etsy’s search traffic.