When we set out to build a managed service we made a number of assumptions. Who cares what cloud we run in? Why will customers care about the system health of their nodes if we're managing them? Kubernetes will solve all our scale challenges, right?
Those were all wrong assumptions and I want to share why, from a product perspective. In this talk, I will share my experience as the Product Manager of Lucidworks Managed Search and as an active community member. As an introduction, customers care and they have a good reason to care. If they've loaded millions, or even billions, of assets into one cloud they don't want their search application to run in another. If search powers your core business — you care. And no, Kubernetes does not solve all your scale challenges, but Go goes a long way as a tool. Let me share our journey of building the most feature-rich, up-to-date, and scalable Solr solution on the market. We work on a variety of clouds, in many regions, and this workshop will explain how we got here.
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Berlin Buzzwords
10.06.2020 16:40 – 18:30