Imagine a shopper searches for "coffee". The search results mindlessly repeat brand name, ground coffee over and over. Technically relevant. But not very useful. Not mixed in are results appealing to a different kind of "coffee" searcher:  organic coffee, whole bean, espresso, or related coffee equipment. 

Beyond relevant results is Result Set Diversity: providing not just technically correct answers, but a diverse (though still relevant) view of what's possible in the search system. Showing our grocery searcher that we might, after all, have something they want.

In this panel, we'll discuss Result Set Diversity in search. We'll hear from teams working to summarize for users the diverse array of options available to them given their query. An ideal search experience helps provide next steps, broaden the user's understanding of the content related to keywords, and cover the user's possible, unspoken intent.

Join host Doug Turnbull and search practitioners, Andreas Wagner, Felipe Besson, and Lev Gershenzon, as we hear experiences measuring & solving Results Diversity, with a panel discussion on the Result Search Diversity problem.



11.06.2020 19:10 – 21:10