Apache Beam is an open source unified model for defining data processing pipelines (Batch and strEAM), which allows you to write your pipeline in your language of choice and run it with minimal effort on the execution engine (ex: Apache Spark, Apache Flink, Google Cloud Dataflow) of choice.  In this practical session we will get hands-on writing Beam pipelines, and as well as discuss the fundamentals of Beam programming model, and SDKs (Python, Go, Java).


You will need to install IntelliJ IDEA and/or PyCharm with the EduTools plugin, and with the kata(s) installed in the language of their choice to work through exercises in the online platform.

Instructions can be found on the blogpost here: https://beam.apache.org/blog/beam-kata-release/

Berlin Buzzwords
09.06.2020 19:40 – 21:40