The positive feedback from our first class at MICES 2019 encouraged us to offer the class again for the Buzzwords/Haystack/MICES remote event. The first class had fantastic attendees from top e-commerce companies and resulted in great conversations and exchange of ideas.

This full day remote class helps you understand how deploying great onsite search for e-commerce requires different thinking than other engineering problems (and even other search problems). We teach you to measure search quality, take a hypothesis-driven approach to search projects, and safely 'fail fast' towards ever improving business KPIs. 

  • What is search? How is e-commerce search special?
  • Holding search accountable to the business
  • Search quality feedback
  • Hypothesis-driven relevance tuning to drive product matching
  • Using analytics & clicks to understand search quality and your users needs

Your class will be taught in English by Eric Pugh and Sebastian Russ with a brief introduction by René Kriegler.

Please note: This training is not included in the Standard Ticket. You have to register separately in our ticket shop.

12.06.2020 14:00 – 21:00