Carrefour started the journey of digital transformation 6 years ago, transforming the e-commerce business into an omnichannel business using an “all in one” e-commerce platform where Search was one more piece of the puzzle.

In time, Carrefour technical team realized that through an open and flexible Search solution, the e-commerce platform could be constructed around it, making Search (and Navigation) the core as opposed to an add-on or an element on the periphery.

This approach, at first, implied several challenges, from strategic to technical ones:

  • What options do we have? Use a SaaS solution, build a search from scratch, Base our search in an existing solution, Look for a partner to help us to build it…
  • How can we keep the intellectual property and the know-how inside the company?
  • What experience do we want to offer to our customers?
  • How can we deal with a huge assortment of products from different natures and stores?
  • What insights do we expect to take form the search to help our business?
  • How do we know whether the search is performing well?
  • What strategy do we have to follow for replacement the old search engine keeping, at the same time, the rest of the “all in one” e-commerce platform?
  • How do we develop it and deploy it into production?
  • How do we evolve it?
10.06.2020 17:00 – 17:40