When looking at personalised e-commerce search, questions on data ethics, privacy and trust come into play. Trust may be regarded as the most important feeling that any search shall aspire to elicit in its users, and trusting search, regardless of its sophistication, is what this workshop is about.

Join a group of designers, developers and data scientists to architect and design a personalised commerce search that is conceived to evoke trust in its users.

During the course of these four hours, you will partner with passionate search professionals to compose, share and debate your ideas and to collaboratively arrive at the foundations of what could be the first privacy-by-design personalised commerce search.

This workshop requires separate registration (free) in addition to your standard event ticket. Get your ticket from our ticket shop: https://berlinbuzzwords.de/tickets. For more information see https://mices.co/mices2020/workshop-trust.html.


09.06.2020 16:00 – 20:00