In this workshop, we will store data originally in tabular format, e.g. csvs, into an open-source graph database. It involves creating an appropriate schema and inserting data as triples into a graph.

In the first half of the workshop, we will guide you step by step with example scripts to create a graph of bike journeys with bike hire data. Through this example, you will learn how to create a schema and do proper data wrangling to insert the data. You will also be able to make a query and create an interactive graph visualization. In the second half, you will be able to write your own script to create a graph to analyse the Dublin Council voting data.

We will be coding in JavaScript but prior knowledge is not necessary as we will guide you through it.

Please note: Seats are limited, so you have to register separately in our ticket shop.

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Berlin Buzzwords
11.06.2020 19:00 – 20:50