Welcome Amanda Brock as first keynote speaker

We are thrilled to announce that Amanda Brock will deliver a keynote talk at Berlin Buzzwords this year.

Amanda will speak about her work as the Chair of the Open Source and Intellectual Property (IP) Advisory Group of the United Nations Technology Innovation Labs.

Amanda has expertise in open source software, governance, IP, compliance audits, policies and processes as well as commercialization and contracting around open source.

As well as her work with the UN Amanda is CEO of the UK body for “open”, OpenUK, she is the European Representative of the world’s biggest defensive patent pool, the Open Invention Network, and a member of the OASIS Open Projects' Advisory Council (open source and open standards). Amanda has experience as joint-organiser of the UK Open Source Awards in 2019, having been a judge of the awards in 2014 and 2015. Amanda was also CEO of the Trustable Software Engineering Project, a project focused on solutions to risk in Open Source Software during 2019.

Amanda has also worked as a lead lawyer in a variety of sectors, ranging from .com to Fashion and Fintech, across EMEA, US, AsiaPac and Emerging Markets, based out of the UK and Amsterdam.

Amanda is a regular international keynote speaker and panel member and an author covering open source, collaboration and legal issues, in particular open for good and commercial models of open source. She is an Executive Editor and co-Founder of the Journal of Open Law Technology and Society (formerly IFOSSLR), and a Fellow of the Open Forum Academy.

With all of this experience we have no doubt than Amanda will give a wide ranging and insightful keynote at Berlin Buzzwords this year.

You can find Amanda on LinkedIn and Twitter