Trey Grainger
Chief Algorithms Officer
Image of Trey Grainger

Trey is the Chief Algorithms Officer @ Lucidworks, where he helps drive vision and practical application of intelligent search and data science techniques for hundreds of the world’s brightest companies. He is author of the books AI-Powered Search and Solr in Action, Advisor to Presearch and the Southern Data Science Conference, and is a frequent startup investor. He is a frequent public speaker on Search and Data Science at conferences around the world. He is also a frequently-published researcher, with years of published papers and journal articles across the spectrum of search & information retrieval, recommendation systems, data science, and analytics. Trey was formerly SVP of Engineering @ Lucidworks and Director of Engineering for Search, Recommendations, and Analytics at CareerBuilder. He received his master’s degree from Georgia Tech, bachelor’s degree from Furman University, and studied Information Retrieval and Web Search at Stanford University.