Sakshi Shukla
Chapter Head
Sakshi Shukla

I'm leading the WiMLDS Delhi Chapter in India and am a student in my final year of Engineering from Bharati Vidyapeeth's College Of Engineering, New Delhi, India in I.T. I have been appointed as the Machine Learning Crash Course Facilitator at Google India. I have given a talk at the GDG New Delhi DevFest'18 on "What's Community for Us?". I have given a talk at the TechFest of DSC, Developer Student Club by Google at Jaypee Institute of Information and Technology, JIIT Noida, India. I have given many talks at WiMLDS Events as I'm the the Chapter Head.  I recently completed my Research Internship from Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi India in Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning, I have worked on Sarcasm Detection over Textual Database.

I have also published a Paper, titled, "Deep Health - A Deep Learning based Healthcare Specialist" at IEEE Xplore Conference as the first author. 

I'm very passionate about working in Machine Learning and I enjoy sharing this experience with all those who aim to persuade their career in it through my talks. I have been working in Machine Learning for the past two years which has made my foundations quite strong. With the development of my involvement, my interest with Community involvement also increased exponentially. From attending these Conferences to give talks on them I have learnt far more new things and have tried to inculcate a lot of things which could make my talk extremely relatable. I've tried to keep it as interactive and as content-driven as possible so that people learn from my talks.


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    08.06.2020 19:30 – 20:00
    vbuzz 2

    This talk is about how adversarial attacks can manipulate our deep learning modules and create drastic variations in the context of data. It focuses on Large Textual data and how functions of Natural Language Processing will be trained over wrong information. These attacks compromise the deep…