Flavio Junqueira
Senior Distinguished Engineer

Flavio Junqueira is a Senior Distinguished Engineer at Dell. He holds a PhD in computer science from the University of California, San Diego, and he is interested in various aspects of distributed systems, including distributed algorithms, concurrency, and scalability. His recent work at Dell focuses on stream analytics, and specifically, on the development of a novel storage system for streams called Pravega. Before Dell, Flavio held an engineering position with Confluent and research positions with Yahoo! Research and Microsoft Research. Flavio has co-authored a number of scientific publications (over 4,000 citations according to Google Scholar) and an O’Reilly ZooKeeper book on Apache ZooKeeper. Flavio is an Apache Member and has contributed to projects hosted by the ASF, including Apache ZooKeeper (as PMC and committer), Apache BookKeeper (as PMC and committer), and Apache Kafka.


  • Stream
    08.06.2020 17:30 – 18:10
    vbuzz 1

    Pravega is storage for streams. Pravega exposes stream as a core storage primitive, which enables applications continuously generating data (e.g., from sensors, end users, servers, or cameras) to ingest and store such data permanently. Applications that consume stream data from Pravega are able…