Ellen König
Senior Data Engineer
Ellen König

Senior data engineer, currently for ThoughtWorks.

Former data scientist and backend engineer for SoundCloud, Data Science for Social Good Berlin, TolaData, Native Instruments, Capgemini, TechSoup, and others.

Curiosity-driven. If I am not learning something right now, I am probably sick.

I love university. I have studied computer science, philosophy, business, psychology, sociology and political science — so far.

Lived in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Traveled to all continents other than Antarctica.

Native Berliner.


  • Scale
    09.06.2020 20:10 – 20:40

    As software engineers, we take pride in our code quality. As data scientists, in the quality of our models and analyses. As a data engineer, I take pride in the quality of the datasets I provide access to.