Paul Berschick

Paul leads our events team at newthinking communications. Before joining us four years ago, he read communications at Freie Universität Berlin. He is an avid committer of all things open source and implements it not only in his professional life. Paul is a firm believer in life-long learning, which makes him annoyingly smart but he never shows off. In his free time, Paul likes to read great books on crime, sheep and adventures.

Alexander Brăteanu

Alex is a project manager responsible for speaker accommodation and volunteer management at Berlin Buzzwords. He is passionate about politics and digital governance.  Alex likes cycling but despises basil.

Christen Jansen

Christen is IT project manager at newthinking communications, where he is responsible for several website projects, including and

Max King

Max is the token British person on the team and is also responible for communication and communities.

Nina Müller

Nina does everything Berlin Buzzwords. Not only is she our Project Manager, but she is also our Partner Manager. Nina joined the team 3 years ago and has been a vital part ever since. Her great enthusiasm for Berlin Buzzwords really shows as she continually thinks about how to improve even the slightest detail, working hard to make everybody feel welcome. When she is not working she enjoys taking trips with her son, going to concerts, and diving deep into good books and has a taste for salty liquorice.

Agnes Ratajczyk

Agnes is a project manager at newthinking communications, where she is working on conferences such as Codemotion Berlin, FOSS Backstage and Buzzwords Berlin. In her free time she is part of the re:publica conference, works as a freelancer in the film industry and loves organising projects she cares about.

Flavia Tienes

Flavia joined the newthinking team recently, in November 2018. She studied politcs and philosophy and is currently finishing her second degree in horticultural science. Urban gardening and projects related to sustainable agriculture are her key interests. She lives and laughs in Berlin.