New members in our program committee

Berlin Buzzwords is still a good way ahead of us, but we are happy to announce that our program committee is already ready to go! With comparison to the previous edition, there have been some changes and we would like to say a huge THANK YOU especially to those members who have left us:

Steve Loughran, Ema Orhian, Tugdual Grall, Sean Treadway, Erik Hatcher, and Fran Benett. It was a great pleasure to have worked with all of you and we hope to welcome you as attendees at the anniversary edition.

Waving goodbye to some of you also means welcoming our new members which we are honoured to name here. These members will support us in shaping an excellent program for next years‘ Berlin Buzzwords and hopefully beyond. Please welcome: Fabian Hüske, William Benton, Monica Sarbu, Mandy Chessell, Ellen Friedman and Billie Rinaldi to our team!

Last but not least, we are happy to have the valuable and ongoing support from the dedicated Berlin Buzzwords supporters: Ted Dunning, Holden Karau, Georgi Knox, Grant Ingersoll, Gary Dusbabek, Michael Stack and Owen O‘Malley. Please find them all here.

The Call For Submissions opens in December, stay tuned on Twitter, Facebook, or sign up for our newsletter here!
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