Conversations with... Isabel Drost-Fromm

The 2019 edition of Berlin Buzzwords will be the 10th edition! To celebrate this milestone we will be bringing you exciting new content in the buildup to the big event.

Our Berlin Buzzwords Project Manager, Nina Müller, has been speaking to some of the important and interesting people who have been involved with Berlin Buzzwords over the years. Over the coming weeks we will be publishing these conversations to give you some insight into the world of Berlin Buzzwords.

Our first conversation is with Isabel Drost-Fromm, one of the co-founders of Berlin Buzzwords. Isabel is also a member of the Apache Software Foundation and co-founded Apache Mahout. Nina and Isabel met in Berlin earlier this year to discuss the origins of the conference, its future, and the importunate of open source. We hope that you enjoy the first of our conversation series and we will be publishing more conversations weekly.

You can find links to Isabel's website along with links to some of the projects discussed below:

Isabel's website

Apache Software Foundation