Announcing Marta Piekarska as our first keynote!

We are thrilled to announce our first keynote - Marta Piekarska!

Marta serves as the Director of Ecosystem at Hyperledger. Prior to Hyperledger, Marta worked as a Security Architect at Blockstream. Marta obtained her BSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Warsaw University of Technology and a double Masters from Computer Science and Informatics at Technical University of Berlin and Warsaw University of Technology. Her undergrad Thesis was on Voice Encryption on Android Platform and grad work on GPU-aided Payload Delivery on Linux Kernel. Marta recently received a PhD in User-Informed Design of Privacy Tools, while working for one of the hottest Silicon Valley startups, Blockstream, as their Security Architect. Previously, she was associated with Deutsche Telekom as the Lead Architect on the Future of Mobile Privacy, a collaboration with Mozilla and Deutsche Telekom improving Firefox OS. As a Post-doc, Marta also teaches and works at Technical University of Berlin. Her technical interests are covered by what she does - user-informed privacy and security, applications of Bitcoin technology beyond cryptocurrency, and lock picking. 

Enjoy an abstract from her keynote 'Blockchain in Wildlife - use cases in the field' below:

Blockchain has been a buzzword and there is a lot of hype around it, there is no doubt. But what are people doing to actually make it happen? We will explain what are the technical details that make blockchain technology unique. Let's get into enterprise grade blockchain applications and discuss various concepts in the space. A deep dive into Hyperledger frameworks and tools will be provided, followed by some interesting study of real world applications. We will finish with a demo of how blockchain can help improve the world we live in today. 

Thank you so much for being on board, Marta, we couldn't be happier to have you!