Introduction to V2 APIs in Apache Solr

06/13/2017 - 17:30 to 17:50
short talk (20 min)

Session abstract: 

Did you know that Apache Solr is almost 10 years old ? Over the years, a lot of APIs have been added to Solr and as it stands now, they lack consistency. The version 2 APIs in Solr intend to fix this so they look cohesive and consistent. With support for introspection, the new APIs wouldn’t only be intuitive, but would be self documenting.

In this presentation, I would provide an overview of the new APIs, what they offer, and also talk about what does it mean for existing systems that use the old APIs.

The audience is anyone who uses Apache Solr and wishes to upgrade to newer versions. Attendees can expect a detailed update on the reason behind this effort, the release plan, what does it mean for existing users, and also details about what more do these APIs bring to the table, as compared to the existing APIs for Solr users.