The data that unites us is stronger than the job roles that divide us

It is often said that the world is not changing, but this is not true when it comes to data. The fact is, it has already changed.

From the ‘Big Four’ accounting firms to the biggest enterprises in the world, all have massive ‘data labs’ or data analytics expertise. They employ sophisticated technology that supports the people they hire to look at their data in a new way for new gains in efficiency, customer insights, and ultimately, profitability.

Beyond the biggest enterprise though, data analytics allows almost any worker, in any sized firm to become a discoverer of marginal profitability for the enterprise.

Why? Because the only people who will truly find the right insights within business data, are the business ‘doers’ who understand that data, the context from which it was extracted, and the ways in which insights need to be shaped and shared with the business, with users, and with customers and the public.

Alteryx is part of this. We help all types of business, from the major consulting firms, large enterprises, and even small businesses, citizen scientists and journalists to gain analytic insights from their data so that they can use their own intelligence to interrogate large and varied data sets – quicker, and with faster time to insights versus time spent ‘munging’, prepping and cleaning data.

The attendees like you at Berlin BUZZWORDS are part of this new world, already using modern tools, and working in new ways, but also suffering from the pains from older ways of working, too.

There are many legacy processes, tools, platforms – and mind-sets – to overcome before we take the world with us and become a really inquisitive, data-based community of people. But it will happen – because we live in an age of ubiquitous data, democratically-designed tools, and the cultural awareness that it’s not always the strongest or the biggest, it’s the smartest that survive to thrive. We know this. Humankind has always highly prised intelligence – that’s why we root for Odysseus, not the Cyclopes, or Reineke, or Rattenfänger von Hameln – even when we shouldn’t!

Data is really becoming something accessible to all and there are some powerful platforms that everyone can use to ask the kinds of questions from their data that they could not, even a year ago. That’s why we say it’s a new world – every year the world we grew up in recedes further as we become separated from it by new data tools, methods of inquiry, and types. Last year was not our world, and next year will be a new one again. The one constant is the spirit of inquiry, discovery and knowledge that the tools of yesterday, or needing to code, of having to ask IT departments for help in running reports – those are not the ways of our world, now.

All sorts of people and businesses are using their data to answer challenging and worthwhile questions. You don’t need to work for a big business to get the right tools to interrogate your own business data. It’s about the thrill of discovery, it’s about working smarter and getting to the good parts of the job, and spending less time ‘munging’. And it’s open to all.

Simply stated, Alteryx aims to put tools into the hands of analysts so that they can consciously and meaningfully play with data, and have more fun with their job whilst delivering greater success.

There’s no reason that every worker can’t own the tools for democratising profitability across the enterprise – because the power is not in what you know, it’s in what you can share in order to make impactful changes to the business – and how quickly you can make those insights become action.

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About the author:

Tom Becker is the Senior Director of Alteryx DACH.