Call for Submissions open now

Speakers and speakers-to-be: Prepare yourselves for the Call For Submissions of Berlin Buzzwords 2017! It'll be open from December 12, 2016 until February 14, 2017!

We look forward to numerous abstracts on varied topics around your thoughts, ideas, researches with a focus on large Data Processing, NoSQL, IR/Search or related topics. Our program committee will rate each submission and the best ones will be invited to talk. Please find some more advice on the how / what / where and when in our FAQ section.

It's your first submission for Berlin Buzzwords? We are happy to receive your session idea. Please register at our website and take part in our Call for Submissions!

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Newbies welcome!

As we are aiming to be inclusive, we would like to encourage everyone to submit, the more varied and diverse, the better. So please find some additional tips to get you writing. Do not hesitate, we all needed to start at one point.

  • All presentations must be noncommercial. Product-related submissions will be rejected
  • Pick a catchy title
  • Avoid beginning with, “In this talk I'll…”, or “In this talk you'll learn…”. Instead, start with a sentence that connects directly with the paper’s title. A rhetorical question, or an interesting industry data point is also a good way to commence your session abstract
  • Be thorough and provide sufficient information to be able to rate your entry. But don't be too detailed. Keep your abstract short and concise
  • Pick a topic that excites you and that you care about: your enthusiasm will also inspire the audience
  • Choose a relevant and original subject. Participants want to see new presentations on innovative applications, actual use cases and best practices
  • Ask a colleague if the topic sounds like something they would want to see at a conference

Your benefits:

  • A well-written proposal serves as your free entry to Berlin Buzzword and ensures you free accommodation during the conference for two nights in the amazing city Berlin
  • It also opens up doors for making your work visible and for establishing connections with other committers in your field of interest
  • Writing an abstract leads you to think about your work in different ways and regard it from different angles
  • After your talk you will have a professionally recorded video of your presentation

We can't wait to see your proposals!

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