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Document-Oriented Data Design with RavenDB

This workshop is designed for developers who have some experience with relational (SQL) databases and would like to learn how to handle data modeling in document-oriented NoSQL databases.
Document-Oriented NoSQL databases have great potential to provide flexibility, scalability and performance for their users. The first step to fulfill this potential is building the "foundation" - planning the way we would store data in a very different database from the
traditional SQL.

In this workshop, participants will learn the theory and the practical knowledge required for
modeling data for a scalabale and performant database.

Attendees should bring a Notebook

* Introduction into document-oriented databases
    ** documents - what are they
    ** eventual consistency
* Document-Oriented Database Concepts
    ** denormalization
    ** aggregates
* Hands-on 1 --> basic data modeling using RavenDB
    ** Basic introduction 1 - CRUD in RavenDB
    ** Basic introduction 2 - Querying in RavenDB
    ** Model simple data for a demo project using RavenDB
* Handling relationships
    ** Query-time relationships vs. Relationships embedded in data vs. Indexing-time relationships
    ** Transformers
    ** Embedded document vs. external reference
* Implementing Relationships
    ** One-to-one
    ** One-to-many
    ** Hierarchy
* Hands-on 2 --> model data using RavenDB
    ** Model advanced data for a demo project using RavenDB

Space is limited to ten 10 attendees. To register please write an email with the subject matter "Document-Oriented Data Design with RavenDB" to Melanie: mku@newthinking.de


rent24 GmbH
Potsdamer Straße 182
D-10783 Berlin


Thursday, June  15, 2017

From: 10 am – 6pm

Register here:

Amazon Alexa bootcamp

At this year’s Berlin Buzzwords Amazon will have their first Alexa bootcamp. This will be a hands-on session and will include coding.

If attendees have a Dot or Echo, they should please bring it with them. Amazon will also have Mark Bate as experienced solution architect from the Amazon Alexa team.

He will give an introduction about the development of Alexa Skills und guide attendees through the process of developing skills for Alexa.

Attendees should bring a Notebook and have a AWS and Amazon Developer Account prepared.

Everybody who has already done something cool with Alexa and would like to share is also very welcome.


Palais Kulturbrauerei (Galerie), Schönhauser Allee 36, 10435 Berlin


11. Juni, 2017: 6 pm - 9 pm

MICES - Mix-Camp E-Commerce Search

MICES is a one day event on E-Commerce Search. The goal of the event is to bring together participants of different backgrounds (IT, product managers, UX designers, search managers, information retrieval specialists, search technology vendors, …) to discuss challenges, ideas, best practices and case studies in the e-commerce search domain. 

The format of the event will be a mix of scheduled talks and self-organising sessions. Registration is required.


MICES will be hosted by myToys.
Potsdamer Straße 192
10783 Berlin


14 June 2017, starting at 8:30 am

Register here:

plista X Berlin Buzzwords Workshop: Create your own chatbot!

plista will be a part of this year's Berlin Buzzwords Conference!

They will be hosting a workshop on Chatbots in their mensa. plista uses Chatbots for data democratization and small tasks. Parallel to the Berlin Buzzwords conference, which is about storing, processing, streaming and searchability of large amounts of digital data, plista would like to share their passion with you.

The goal of the Chatbot workshop is to familiarize you with Slack Bots and get hands-on!

It will start with a presentation about potential use cases for Chatbots and trends; then, they would like to run a project with you. Take your laptops with you, so that you can develop some Chatbots together.

plista will provide Docker containers, which will already be able to connect to Slack Channels!

There will be pizza and refreshments!

Hope to see you there!

Check out their tech page!


plista GmbH, Torstr. 33-35, 10119 Berlin


Tuesday, June 13, 2017, 18:30