Speakers and Sessions are online

As Berlin Buzzwords 2016 gets closer, the conference program is starting to shape. We are proud to announce the first round of speakers and sessions: Browse the published sessions here and find all information on our speakers here.

This year's program is the most multifaceted and it’s full of interesting topics. There is a good amount of scale topics: Apache Kafka, Flink and Spark to name a few. Moreover, we have the search track which provides talks on Apache Lucene, Elasticsearch and machine learning. We are also looking forward to store sessions on Apache Parquet, Cassandra and NoSQL databases.

We have great talks that offer advances and improvements, e.g. Apache Lucene 6: What's coming next? by Uwe Schindler, while other speakers like Christoph Tavan will do a live coding sessions on Live-Hack: Analyzing 7 years of Buzzwords at Scale. Berlin Buzzwords 2016 also presents speakers who are new to the conference: Todd Lipcon describes Apache Kudu in his talk Apache Kudu (incubating): Fast Analytics on Fast Data and the fundamental problem of distributed consensus will be revisited in Flavio Junqueira's talk Towards consensus on distributed consensus.

The next step of our program planning will be the arrangement of those sessions into a schedule, which we will publish soon on this website. If you don't have a ticket yet, get it here - and join us in June for Berlin Buzzwords 2016!

Photo: CC BY 2.0 by Gregor Fischer