9 tips for writing a successful submission

A goal of our conferences is to be inclusive to the largest number of submitters, with the most varied and diverse backgrounds possible. In order to encourage as many people as possible, we've prepared some tips for those of you who don't feel comfortable handing in a paper yet, but actually would like to go out with their knowledge.
If you are working on exciting topics and projects with a special focus on Large Data Processing, NoSQL, IR/Search or related topics - Berlin Buzzwords is open for your ideas. Anyone no matter if experienced or new to the stage is welcome to propose a session. The most exciting topics will complete the program:

  • first of all: all presentations must be noncommercial. Product-related submissions will be sorted out
  • have in mind that the first thing people see is the title of your talk. If you want to draw the reader's attention then you should come up with a catchy but also solid title
  • know your audience and what the topics of the conference are. Include keywords that attract the right people and that are in line with the main subjects of the conference
  • avoid beginning your session description with the phrase, “In this talk I'll…”, or “In this talk you'll learn…”. Instead use an initial sentence that connects directly with the paper’s title. A rhetorical question, or an interesting industry data point is also a good way to start your session abstract
  • be thorough and provide enough information to be able to judge your entry. But don't be too detailed. Keep your abstract short and concise
  • tell us one "story" that is part of the larger picture, so the readers know in which direction you'll be heading
  • pick a topic that excites you and that you care about: your enthusiasm will also inspire the audience
  • choose a relevant and original subject. Participants want to see new presentations on innovative applications, actual use cases and best practices
  • ask a colleague if the topic sounds like something they'd want to see at a conference

Why all this effort?

  • a well written proposal serves as your free entry to Berlin Buzzword and ensures you free accomodation during the conference for two nights in amazing Berlin 
  • it also opens up doors for making your work visible and for establishing connections with other committers in your field of interest
  • by writing an abstract you'll think about your work in different ways and angles
  • after your talk you'll have a professionally recorded video of your presentation

We can't wait to see your proposals!

Photo: cc-by-sa 2.0 Gregor Fischer